On a Crossroad, Again

Quo vadis viatorem?

Just when I thought I was settling into another mind-numbing rut, I suddenly found myself standing on another crossroad. Should I go left, or should I trust my gut instinct (which hasn’t worked all that well lately) and veer right?

I’m not sure exactly how I ended up in this situation again, because all I know is that — there I was, chugging along in my usual half-somnolent pace, when suddenly this chance to retrace my steps came up and I took it, all the while wondering what I would find. Had I been so much in a hurry in the past that I had failed to notice so many important things that could have materially changed my life? I’m still not sure about the answer to that question, but here I am again, contemplating which road to take.

So what brought this on? If I had to put a finger on it, I think this had something to do with that Craigslist writing job that I casually applied to last weekend. The job poster specifically asked for a native English speaker (NES) and asked for several writing samples. I didn’t think much of it then (I actually expected the poster to ignore my message for the most obvious reason — I’m not a native English speaker). So, imagine my surprise when I received a reply. Long story short, the poster said he couldn’t understand how an NES could write like I did. He ended up by asking how long ago I wrote those articles, which included several entries that I posted here at Treats & Treks.

After recovering from my surprise (followed by a string of mild oaths; yes, for some reason, his words felt like an insult wrapped in a compliment that didn’t even feel like one), I sent a polite noncommittal reply and added a short background for each of the blog articles that I had submitted. As exasperated as I was, I felt like I owed him that much at least. He eventually wrote back — without the snark this time — and gave me a link for the test and wished me luck. I supposed I could have completed that test, just to show him I could do the work, but by then I had lost all enthusiasm for the job. It also helped that I had an urgent deadline for three articles.

Another question that has been nagging me lately had something to do with this blog. I’ve been trying to make up my mind whether to pull the plug on Treats & Treks or keep it running for as long as I could. Let’s just say that this is where that backtracking has led me. I’m back on this crossroad, because this is one decision that I have put off long enough. Maybe it’s time for me to stop vacillating and look at those half-abandoned plans again. *fingers crossed*

I know. That sounds grand and awfully proactive, doesn’t it? But let’s wait and see where this leads. Stay tuned. 🙂



Turning a New Page

turn a new pageAfter a few months’ hiatus, I realized that if I really wanted to get serious about starting a new (and hopefully, permanent) blog I needed to start NOW.

Most of my past blogs (The Signpost, Recycled Thoughts, Animelane, etc.) have fallen by the wayside, mostly because I was too busy doing other things (read: earning a living, pursuing other interests). So, what makes this one (Treats & Treks) any different?

Let’s just say, this time I aim to get more focused and organized (hear, hear) — which is why chose the name Treats & Treks for my latest effort. So, why Treats? Treats will cover a wide array of things that I love, am interested in, or find fascinating — books, food, movies, hobbies, maybe a few events, etc. — to the point that writing about them would give me pleasure or maybe give me enough impetus to go through my day in a better mood. Treks, as the name implies, would focus on travel (ranging from short hops to lengthy breaks), places, and other stuff connected with specific geographical locations.

I don’t know why I latched onto that name. It just came to me like a flash of light (epiphany!), because I think I needed something to focus on before I lose my motivation. Again. And then I realized how apt it was.

And so, Treats & Treks it is.

Lastly, I’d like to thank The Pseudoshrink for inadvertently pushing me to get a move on. Well, she didn’t do a thing actually. I stumbled into her blog a few hours ago and read some of her entries with delight, which made me realize just how much time I had lost. I guess in some ways we have come full circle, because I was the one who nagged her a few years ago to start a blog (already).