Angling for a better look

I’m doing my best to spruce up the look of this blog (which hasn’t really changed much in the past 2 years), and as you can see I’m doing a piss poor job of it.

I’ve just tried using Canva (which allows you do this sort of thing for free, but it does come with a lot of restrictions). I’m still learning the ropes and I’m really not getting the hang of it yet (frankly, I don’t have much time or inclination to tinker with the controls for now). I did manage to create a header image (intended to look like the one shown below), which frankly leaves a lot to be desired (har de har har).

I know. My first reaction was “ugh!” followed by a heavy sigh.

Yup, this webpage is in serious need of major renovations, but I just don’t have the knack for this sort of thing — not while I’m half-asleep on my feet and wondering what day it is.

Still while I was trying to build my header, I accidentally made another copy. Since I wasn’t doing too well with my first attempt, I thought I’d make a few changes and see what comes out just for the heck of it (LOL).

With my current mood, this feels rather apt. Or it could have been more on point had this been posted around Thanksgiving



Turning a New Page

turn a new pageAfter a few months’ hiatus, I realized that if I really wanted to get serious about starting a new (and hopefully, permanent) blog I needed to start NOW.

Most of my past blogs (The Signpost, Recycled Thoughts, Animelane, etc.) have fallen by the wayside, mostly because I was too busy doing other things (read: earning a living, pursuing other interests). So, what makes this one (Treats & Treks) any different?

Let’s just say, this time I aim to get more focused and organized (hear, hear) — which is why chose the name Treats & Treks for my latest effort. So, why Treats? Treats will cover a wide array of things that I love, am interested in, or find fascinating — books, food, movies, hobbies, maybe a few events, etc. — to the point that writing about them would give me pleasure or maybe give me enough impetus to go through my day in a better mood. Treks, as the name implies, would focus on travel (ranging from short hops to lengthy breaks), places, and other stuff connected with specific geographical locations.

I don’t know why I latched onto that name. It just came to me like a flash of light (epiphany!), because I think I needed something to focus on before I lose my motivation. Again. And then I realized how apt it was.

And so, Treats & Treks it is.

Lastly, I’d like to thank The Pseudoshrink for inadvertently pushing me to get a move on. Well, she didn’t do a thing actually. I stumbled into her blog a few hours ago and read some of her entries with delight, which made me realize just how much time I had lost. I guess in some ways we have come full circle, because I was the one who nagged her a few years ago to start a blog (already).