Movie Titles Containing the Word “Coffee”

Two of my main interests are coffee and movies. Although I haven’t been watching movies that much lately, my interest in them remains; and, of course, coffee is part of my daily routine, so there you go.

This is by no means a long list — I am basically focusing on those films whose titles contain the word “coffee” and have been released somewhat recently (and are listed and briefly described here in chronological order).

1. Chinese Coffee (2000)

Chinese Coffee is an indie film released during the 2000 Tribeca Film Festival, and then released officially in 2007. This was directed by Al Pacino, who also stars in the movie along with Jerry Orbach.

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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens — it’s almost here.

Oh man (*tries to breathe slowly*). I guess it’s about time to dust off those light sabers and Star Wars costumes that have been gathering dust in your closets, people.

Here’s another batch of Star Wars VII trailers featuring Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Han Solo and Princess Leia‘s twin kids, Jacen and Jaina.

and here’s another one…

The seventh episode (yes, it’s officially called Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens — as if you didn’t know) is expected to hit theaters worldwide by Christmas this year (2015).

However, along with the mounting anticipation is a nagging, uncomfortable dread that this could turn out to be another disappointing turn (Star Wars I, II and III, anyone?). Let’s all cross our fingers that this time it will be different.





Don’t Mistreat John Wick’s Dog

…or he’ll make you regret it.

John Wick

Throughout the years, Keanu Reeves‘ career has been littered with dud films and brilliant choices (Bill & Ted’s Adventure, Speed, The Matrix trilogy). And now it looks like he has made another inspired choice. John Wick , his latest hit action film, has been wowing critics and moviegoers alike, and after seeing the film I must say I agree with them.

Keanu Reeves is John Wick, a grieving retired hitman who has just lost his wife to illness. When Russian thugs had the temerity to steal his car (a ’69 Mustang) and kill his dog (Daisy, an adorable beagle), a parting gift from his late wife, all hell breaks loose. And being a superlative hitman that he is, you can bet your bottom dollar that payback will be spectacular and gruesome.

Fans of action films should not miss this movie.

For some reason, Keanu Reeves seems do well in in this type of roles. The well-executed, fluid fighting scenes and the highly capable support cast (Willem Dafoe, Michael Nyqvist, John Leguizamo, Adrienne Palicki, Ian McShane, among others) are also excellent reasons to watch John Wick. I suppose it helps that the co-directors, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, are veteran stunt coordinators. The film even includes a glimpse of the murky world of contract killers (their own hotel, currency system, code of conduct, the cleanup crew).

As further proof of how well John Wick resonates with audiences and critics, there is now a growing online buzz about a sequel for this movie (gosh, I hope so).

Enjoy it, guys.


TriBeCa and the Images It Conjures

Whenever I hear somebody mention Tribeca (officially, Triangle Below Canal Street [TriBeCa]), I usually think of old buildings, chic, tastefully converted/designed apartments, and the artists as well as the rich and famous people who live there.

Truth to tell, the first time the name Tribeca got stuck in my mind was when I learned that John F. Kennedy Jr. and his fashionable wife, Carolyn Besette, lived there. As time went on, Tribeca began to attract more famous names, particularly financial, arts, and entertainment figures — so much so that the trendy neighborhood has lately become a status symbol for the moneyed set, the yuppies, and those who are heavily involved in the arts.

What I really find fascinating though are the Tribeca Loft apartments (see samples below). Price tags notwithstanding, I really like what the designers have done to convert these industrial and mostly neo-Renaissance buildings into beautiful spacious apartments — in New York City, where space and real estate prices are premium — you know, the type of residences typically featured in the glossy pages of Architectural Digest.

tribeca apartment 1
tribeca loft apartment
Tribeca penthouse


 On a somewhat related note, my sister who works somewhere in Manhattan related this amusing story of how she and her boyfriend were recently roped in as film extras (non-speaking parts) when a compatriot (who is currently enrolled at the New York Film Academy) decided to shoot her assignment — a short film — in one of these Tribeca Loft apartments. Naturally, my sister got excited and was really looking forward to seeing a visually stunning Loft pad, and maybe even bumping into some celebrity in the process.

Unfortunately, the setting turned out to be some artist’s messy apartment with spare furnishings (LOL!), and that single scene she was involved in took 2 hours to finish. She said the view was awesome though (and in some quarters, this stint earns her some bragging rights at least, ha!).


Incidentally, Dr. Craig Spencer, the first confirmed Ebola case in New York, also works in the same hospital as my sister. However, he has not reported for work at the hospital after coming home from his stint (as part of a team that volunteered to treat Ebola patients) in Africa. She’s not really worried though since he is being treated at Bellevue Hospital at the moment, and she thinks things are being blown way out of proportion by some media outlets. “People need to be careful yes, but it’s not as serious as some news organizations would like you to think,” she said.