Movie Titles Containing the Word “Coffee”

Two of my main interests are coffee and movies. Although I haven’t been watching movies that much lately, my interest in them remains; and, of course, coffee is part of my daily routine, so there you go.

This is by no means a long list — I am basically focusing on those films whose titles contain the word “coffee” and have been released somewhat recently (and are listed and briefly described here in chronological order).

1. Chinese Coffee (2000)

Chinese Coffee is an indie film released during the 2000 Tribeca Film Festival, and then released officially in 2007. This was directed by Al Pacino, who also stars in the movie along with Jerry Orbach.

2. Sixty Cups of Coffee (2000)

Sixty Cups of Coffee tells the story of a guy who had heard that sixty (yes, that’s 60) cups of coffee would be enough to kill a man, and actually tried to find out if this is true.

3. Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

Coffee and Cigarettes is actually composed of three short films, containing 11 short stories whose common themes are — you guessed it — coffee and cigarettes. The film is directed by Jim Jarmusch.

4. Coffee Date (2006)

Coffee Date was originally produced as a short film but was eventually stretched into an indie feature film and has been shown in several film festivals. It even snagged the Audience Award in 2007 as Best Feature Film at the Sedona Film Festival.

5. A Coffee in Berlin (2012; also known as Oh Boy!)

Originally called Oh Boy!, this is a black-and-white German comedy film directed by Jan-Ole Gerster has won several awards in Germany and in other parts of Europe. This film was later released in the United States under the title A Coffee in Berlin.

6. Coffee Town (2013)

Coffee Town is a comedy film featuring a cast of little-known actors, and what do you know, Josh Groban (one of my favorite warblers) also stars in it! Well, how about that! He plays Sam, a disgruntled barista who yearns to become a rock star.

7. Black Coffee (2014)

Black Coffee, a romantic comedy directed by Mark Harris, was released in January 2014 and features an all-black cast.

8. Coffee with Ana (2017)

Coffee with Ana is a comedy about an unlikely romance between the children of competing coffee importers (American and Colombian) who eventually paired up as a result of a business feud.

As you may have noticed, none of these films can ever qualify as box office hits — hardly surprising considering that most of them are independently made (small budget, minimal production staff) and barely made a ripple in Entertainment pages; in fact, some of them have been released only on a limited basis. However, this doesn’t mean we cannot appreciate them. Nor should it escape your notice that coffee (and coffeehouses) provides a nice excuse (ahem!) to make produce a film.


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