Something Funny Happened at Seattle’s Best…

I needed a quiet place to finish a file (due in a few hours) so I dropped by at Seattle’s Best (MoA). It had a warm ambiance and felt like a nice spot where I could spend a couple hours to rest my feet and concentrate on my work.

After paying for my order, I settled at a table facing the walkway. Before long, I was immersed in my work and barely even looked away from my laptop screen. So, you can imagine my disorientation when this loud, jarring sound broke through.

The sound originated from the main entrance, which faced the bay. Heads swiveled from all corners as startled patrons tried to see what was going on. After what seemed like a timeless moment, we saw — wait for it — this sleepy-looking guy (in his 30s, I think) who seemed to have walked (or rather, CRASHED) against Seattle’s Best glass door!

Apparently, the man did not realize that there was a glass wall separating Seattle’s Best from the outdoors and walked in (or at least tried to) without breaking his stride. His momentum propelled him forward and the force of it made him bounce off the door and rattle the glass wall. There was this look of utter astonishment on his face as his hands shot forward to confirm that there was actually a wall there.

It was a scene right out of a comedy film or a cartoon feature. I could feel the laughter rippling through my throat, but I managed to gulp it back. Yes, it was pretty hilarious, but I also felt sympathy for the guy. If that had been me, I’d probably be wishing no one would remember my face while beating a hasty retreat from the scene.

Surprisingly, no one laughed. For a moment it seemed like we were all waiting for the first one to actually break the silence, but no one did! And despite the obvious pain he felt — as well as the slight damage to his dignity — the guy went on with his business. After claiming his coffee, he went out quietly.

Umm… it’s kind of crass for me to say this, but somebody did giggle uncontrollably the minute he was out of earshot. And before you start pointing fingers, nope it wasn’t me. By that time I had lost all my desire to laugh. (But I did laugh loudly when I got home and replayed the scene in my mind.)


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