My Absurd, Totally Unnecessary but Strangely Compelling Quest for Another Starbucks Planner Begins Today

Strabucks Planners 2015

And so begins another one of those absurd-yet-improbably-addictive annual exercise that me and some of my friends pursue during the last couple of months of each year — collecting enough stickers to get one of those Starbucks Planners (I swear, it’s like an annual sports event that we can’t get out of and would probably miss if we actually skipped it hahaha.)

Don’t ask me why I keep on doing this. I have stopped looking for a good answer to that question a long time ago, right after the novelty of it wore off (which happened pretty quickly, mind you). The last one I managed to get (the Starbucks 2014 Planner) is still in its box at home. I think I must have marked about 3 pages of it, before putting it back and moved on to something else.

And as for the usual yardstick I use whenever I feel to the urge to buy something — Do I really need this? — the answer would be a resounding NO.

But still.

Quest for SB Planner 2015The usual justification I use these days — I’m often at Starbucks anyway (for work and coffee), so I might as well get something out of it — is the one I’m resolutely holding on to. At least until I finish collecting all the stickers I’d need for one of those darn planners (I want the brown one).

After that, who knows? Oh yes, this reminds me of something: Pseudoshrink requested that I do the honors for her (one set of tickers for 1 planner) this year since she won’t be here long enough to collect all the stickers she needs.

Righty-o, TPS. Consider it done.

Note: This will at least give me enough reason to keep coming back to Starbucks (it’s not like I’m planning to avoid the place anyway) — aside from the coffee and when my laptop batteries are sorely in need of a recharge. Ha.


7 thoughts on “My Absurd, Totally Unnecessary but Strangely Compelling Quest for Another Starbucks Planner Begins Today

  1. I can’t help feeling that it has already become an immovable fixture in our annual to-do list, and we’re in too deep to do anything about it LOL! It’s also something to blog about when we run out of things to say (yeah, right).

    My other obsession? Those SB cards (would you believe, I have already like 6 of them?) — now, there’s another blog entry waiting to be written hehehe…


  2. You’re not the only one “obsessed” (tama ba ang word?) with planners. If that Sbux planner is available here, I’d be doing it too. I buy planners throughout the year. Starbucks’ promo here is earn 13 points and you get a free beverage any size and any flavor you want.


    • I think “obsessed” will do for our purpose :). I guess that word should apply this is basically an irrational, indulgent, fun thing to do. Also, Starbucks holds and maintains more promos here (aside from the free drink promo) — in that sense, I think nakuha nila ang “kiliti” ng mga pinoy hehehe…


  3. I think you have a good reason to acquire an SB planner. As you have said, you’re always at Starbucks for work and coffee. Why not collect the free stickers and eventually the free planner while there, right? It’s like getting full value for your money. 🙂

    P.S. The SB planners I’ve had in the past were also unused!


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