TriBeCa and the Images It Conjures

Whenever I hear somebody mention Tribeca (officially, Triangle Below Canal Street [TriBeCa]), I usually think of old buildings, chic, tastefully converted/designed apartments, and the artists as well as the rich and famous people who live there.

Truth to tell, the first time the name Tribeca got stuck in my mind was when I learned that John F. Kennedy Jr. and his fashionable wife, Carolyn Besette, lived there. As time went on, Tribeca began to attract more famous names, particularly financial, arts, and entertainment figures — so much so that the trendy neighborhood has lately become a status symbol for the moneyed set, the yuppies, and those who are heavily involved in the arts.

What I really find fascinating though are the Tribeca Loft apartments (see samples below). Price tags notwithstanding, I really like what the designers have done to convert these industrial and mostly neo-Renaissance buildings into beautiful spacious apartments — in New York City, where space and real estate prices are premium — you know, the type of residences typically featured in the glossy pages of Architectural Digest.

tribeca apartment 1
tribeca loft apartment
Tribeca penthouse


 On a somewhat related note, my sister who works somewhere in Manhattan related this amusing story of how she and her boyfriend were recently roped in as film extras (non-speaking parts) when a compatriot (who is currently enrolled at the New York Film Academy) decided to shoot her assignment — a short film — in one of these Tribeca Loft apartments. Naturally, my sister got excited and was really looking forward to seeing a visually stunning Loft pad, and maybe even bumping into some celebrity in the process.

Unfortunately, the setting turned out to be some artist’s messy apartment with spare furnishings (LOL!), and that single scene she was involved in took 2 hours to finish. She said the view was awesome though (and in some quarters, this stint earns her some bragging rights at least, ha!).


Incidentally, Dr. Craig Spencer, the first confirmed Ebola case in New York, also works in the same hospital as my sister. However, he has not reported for work at the hospital after coming home from his stint (as part of a team that volunteered to treat Ebola patients) in Africa. She’s not really worried though since he is being treated at Bellevue Hospital at the moment, and she thinks things are being blown way out of proportion by some media outlets. “People need to be careful yes, but it’s not as serious as some news organizations would like you to think,” she said.


4 thoughts on “TriBeCa and the Images It Conjures

  1. She puts it this way — there are 4 confirmed Ebola cases in the US right now: the guy who flew in from Liberia (who eventually died) and 3 health workers. Now, see how that compares with about 300M+ Yanks :). Freaking out over a figure like this is downright ridiculous.

    It’s not like the country has no contingency plans in place in case an outbreak occurs.


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