taking a breather…

lumbercatI had to take a break from my online activities these past few days because I had several things to take care of — things that got more complex as soon as I had taken one step and errands that took far longer than I had anticipated.

Long story short, events had overtaken me (again) and I found myself forced to take hasty rear-guard actions a few times to avoid being swamped (mostly by work). In fact, it wasn’t until a couple of hours ago that I was finally able to take a deep breathe without having to double-check my mental “High Priority” tray.

I’m still trying to get my breath back, wondering if this is just some temporary respite to lull me into a false sense of security before the next wave comes along and sweep me away again. Either that or fall into a mind-numbing rut — I’m not sure which one I dread more (okay, it’s probably the latter).

I’m still in a consolidation stage, I think. It’s not necessarily what I wanted but that’s the set of cards that I had been dealt with so I guess I need to buckle down and find a way to break out of this temporary hiatus and set off in a new direction. Soon, I hope.



2 thoughts on “taking a breather…

  1. Whatever it is that makes you preoccupied, it will soon be over and you can go back to the normal order of things sooner than you think. Just don’t forget to breathe, okay? (Kidding, I just want to make you smile.) Have a great day, sis! 🙂


  2. Thanks Edelwwiza :). I’m almost at the tail-end of it now. In retrospect, I realized that things were not as bad as I had dreaded — they were just the usual challenges that I needed to go through to appreciate what I had gained (experience mostly).


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