Of Mislaid Plans and Random Events

green leaves

Sometimes just when you start thinking that things are going swimmingly, life (or fate or luck, take your pick) comes in and smashes your well-laid plans into smithereens. It is rather unnerving to realize that a huge part of your life is dependent on a series of random events that need to proceed a certain way so that a much-desired outcome could actually take place.

This has happened to me several times already one would almost think that by now, I should know better than to expect things to fall according to my hopes and wishes.

Oh well. I guess it is time to pick up the pieces and start again. 😦



4 thoughts on “Of Mislaid Plans and Random Events

  1. i’m trying to concentrate at the brighter side of things for now, but it gets difficult as time goes on… it’s not totally a lost cause. it’s just that it seemed like a sure thing when the whole thing started 😦


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