A Free Drink from Starbucks

Starbucks Free DrinkNice. This marks the fifth or sixth time that Starbucks gave me a free drink (on my next visit, that is) after randomly hitting the store jackpot of sorts.

I don’t know exactly how they time these things — purely hit or miss, I reckon (or perhaps it’s because I just happened to be their 100,000th visitor for the current month) — whatever it is, a freebie is always welcome, particularly if it’s coffee (latte!) from Starbucks.

What usually happens is, after you pay (and Lady Luck happens to smile on you), the barista at the cash register will pull out this extra-long receipt, then give you a smile and say something like, “Ma’am/sir, it looks like it’s your lucky day. You get a free drink next time you visit one of our stores.”
Starbucks Customer Voice
After a confused look of befuddlement crosses your face, you pocket the receipt wondering what just happened. Then, you realize that the barista isn’t through with you yet.

They will tell you to keep this receipt (which contains a 16-digit Customer code), then log on to their site (MyStarbucksVisit) where you’re supposed to complete a short survey, after which you will be given a five-digit code. You’re supposed to write that code down in the receipt they gave you earlier. Then presto, you’re entitled to a free drink of your choice.

Pretty neat, huh?

(Note: Nope I wasn’t asked/paid to do this piece.)



6 thoughts on “A Free Drink from Starbucks

  1. Lucky you! I only get free drinks from Starbucks when I buy their card. Instead of reloading our cards, we buy new ones na lang para may instant free drink (right after registering the account online). 🙂


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