The Little Rascals: 20th Anniversary

well, what do you know — it’s been 20 years since The Little Rascals (1994) came out.

Before we go any further though, here’s little background. The Little Rascals was actually a film adaptation of Our Gang (created by Hal Roach), a series of kid-friendly short films released from the 1920s to the 1940s that were later repackaged as a TV show called The Little Rascals.

Fast-forward to 1994, Amblin Entertainment decided to round up a group of kid actors to form the cast of this well-loved nostalgic film. Although largely panned by critics, it was warmly embraced by its fans. What made it special though was that a group of well-known actors signed on as support cast — Mel Brooks, Daryl Hannah, Lea Thompson, Whoopi Goldberg, Reba McIntyre, the Olsen twins, and even Donald Trump.

And now 20 years have passed! So some enterprising folks decided to gather the cast of the 1994 version to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Naturally that prompted a lot of picture taking and inevitable comparison of the cast’s Before and After versions. From the poster below, it fairly leaps to your attention that some of these faces still bear traces of their younger selves.

Little Rascals Then and Now

It’s rather nice to see that the guy who played Alfalfa has grown up and turned into something of a “hunk” — in spite of his funny name (Bug Hall). Pretty little Darla (Brittany Holmes, who is married now I think) has certainly filled out, and Spanky (Travis Tedford) has… lost his hair! The guy who played Waldo (Blake Ewing) looks just like a slightly older version of his old self. I won’t go into details but it’s kind of nice to see the old gang again: Stymie, Buckwheat, Porky, Butch, Uh-huh, and yes Petey — their iconic American bulldog — again.

I still feel a special fondness for this film (so do most people, I imagine — particularly those who were too young or who weren’t even born yet to see the original films), and I’m pretty sure that in the near future I will be watching The Little Rascals again.


5 thoughts on “The Little Rascals: 20th Anniversary

  1. Did you know I have a long list of movies I want to watch? So many movies, so little time. And Hollywood keeps on producing movies that it’s getting so hard to keep up already. To be honest, I haven’t watched that Little Rascals movie but it sure sounds like a riot orchestrated by mischievous kids to me. 🙂


  2. @eidelweiz if you have kids or young nephews/nieces they need to watch this, it has a strong nostalgic pull. i certainly enjoyed when i was whole lot younger :).
    @pseudoshrink — uy, talaga? so, that’s where it is. i had been planning to watch that a few days ago but i couldn’t locate the DVD. i thought it was in my other ‘unopened’ box of old DVDs. nice to know she enjoyed it.


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