Mochicream Café (Glorietta 2, Makati)

Lately, I have been doing several errands that required me to go to Makati every few days or so. Last weekend, while I was on my way home, I passed by this newly opened Japanese-themed café at Glorietta 2. I had been meaning to check out this place for a while now, but I have always held back because it was usually full.

Mochiecream Cafe

As the name would suggest, Mochicream Café specializes in mochi (Japanese rice cakes). Since I had been trying to limit my sugar and carbo intake for the past few days, I avoided looking at the colorful mochi cakes. The mouthwatering tarts and the frozen Brazo de Mercedes looked infinitely tempting, but I managed to hold back and settled on a relatively tame-looking Olive bread topped with cheese instead (*sigh*). Then I took a chance on Matcha latte for a badly needed quick dose of caffeine.

I started having misgivings the moment the server placed a cup of green-colored, frothy Matcha latte (hot) on my table. With some trepidation, I took my first sip. To my surprise, I realized that I liked it. Maybe the fact that it was tea-based and didn’t immediately launch a full frontal assault of my taste buds made a huge difference. It was also a good thing that I brought along some Equal sachets, so I was able to control the sweetness.

Mochicream goodies

Matche Latte & Olive Bread

Before long, I shifted into a relaxed mood and felt comfortable enough to take stock of my surroundings. Thankfully, Mochicream Café isn’t as crowded as most mall coffeehouses you’ll find these days. There is enough space for you to pass through and turn around without fear of accidentally hitting anyone with your bag(s). For some reason, the interior décor reminded me of 60s-era houses, but in an understated way. The combination of wood paneling and black and cream furniture gives off a nice vibe. Overall, Mochicream Café has a comfortable laidback ambiance — like an oasis of calm in the middle of hustle and bustle of one of Makati’s premier shopping districts.

mochicream cafe, makati

The seating arrangement is rather eclectic — there is a high bar complete with stools hugging the wall on one side, a couple of utilitarian tables-and-chairs set-up near the cash register, and two groups of cream-colored plush seats crowded around a low-slung coffee table (it’s like being in somebody’s living room) flanking both sides of the main entrance.

As for my verdict — would I be tempted to come in here again? — definitely yes, as long as the place is not too full.


3 thoughts on “Mochicream Café (Glorietta 2, Makati)

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