Turning a New Page

turn a new pageAfter a few months’ hiatus, I realized that if I really wanted to get serious about starting a new (and hopefully, permanent) blog I needed to start NOW.

Most of my past blogs (The Signpost, Recycled Thoughts, Animelane, etc.) have fallen by the wayside, mostly because I was too busy doing other things (read: earning a living, pursuing other interests). So, what makes this one (Treats & Treks) any different?

Let’s just say, this time I aim to get more focused and organized (hear, hear) — which is why chose the name Treats & Treks for my latest effort. So, why Treats? Treats will cover a wide array of things that I love, am interested in, or find fascinating — books, food, movies, hobbies, maybe a few events, etc. — to the point that writing about them would give me pleasure or maybe give me enough impetus to go through my day in a better mood. Treks, as the name implies, would focus on travel (ranging from short hops to lengthy breaks), places, and other stuff connected with specific geographical locations.

I don’t know why I latched onto that name. It just came to me like a flash of light (epiphany!), because I think I needed something to focus on before I lose my motivation. Again. And then I realized how apt it was.

And so, Treats & Treks it is.

Lastly, I’d like to thank The Pseudoshrink for inadvertently pushing me to get a move on. Well, she didn’t do a thing actually. I stumbled into her blog a few hours ago and read some of her entries with delight, which made me realize just how much time I had lost. I guess in some ways we have come full circle, because I was the one who nagged her a few years ago to start a blog (already).


3 thoughts on “Turning a New Page

  1. what a pain social responsibility is… :). at this stage, my main motivation hinges on the fact that I’m shelling out a good portion of my hard-earned earnings to maintain this blog, so i might as well get something out of it LOL!


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