I Miss the X-Files

[Note: X-Files will always be one of my all-time favorites. It took an awful long time for me to join the bandwagon, but the moment I did, there was no turning back. Below is one of the first posts I wrote about X-Files (around 2005, I think), a few years after the show itself had ended; this piece reflects exactly how I feel about this one-of-a-kind TV show.]

Dang. I miss the X-Files so much it hurts. I miss racing home Monday nights so I wouldn’t miss an episode. I miss being intrigued by mind-boggling, outlandish conspiracy theories. I miss being ‘spooked’ by monsters — humans or otherwise. I miss the wacky paranoia of the lone gunmen. Most of all, I miss Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. There will never be another show like the X-Files. *sigh* dang.

Mulder & Scully

Why do I miss it?

Let me count the ways.

When these two are on the case, your eyes can’t help but be glued to your TV screen. I don’t know of any screen couple who can combust without so much as an eye contact. Even nature’s call is unceremoniously swept aside when these two walk into the scene and expound on their conflicting theories. The grisly nature of some of their cases only adds to their chemistry. The first time I saw them together (in Mulder’s basement office), I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted to be Scully or Mulder. I liked Mulder’s intensity and unflinching conviction, and yet I couldn’t help but be impressed by Scully’s cool-headed logic. They just balanced each other out.

Scully smiles

When Scully flashes one of her rare, hard-won smile (I think this happened in the pilot episode)… time crawls to a stop.

Mulder in His Office

After years of watching the X-Files, I can barely recall ever seeing Scully break into a spontaneous, no-holds-barred smile (well, except for that Las Vegas episode where she got drugged and kept flirting with a roomful of enthralled guys… but that’s another story). There were times when her lips twitched and her eyes actually lit up — but that’s all it was. Gillian Anderson’s grave, brooding looks were simply custom-built for this role. And, of course, Mulder (David Duchovny) — for all his horny tendencies and occasionally wacky episodes — had this impenetrably serious side to him. What can I say? They just looked good together.

In Hollywood, it’s practically a near-impossible task to find somebody (much less a couple) who can convincingly radiate formidable intellect and look yummy at the same time, but these two — they did it effortlessly.


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